Clear Your Property of Unwanted Vegetation

Turn to Timber Works for forestry mulching services in the Meadowlands, MN area

Want to clear your land in a way that benefits the environment? You'll be glad to know that Timber Works offers responsible forestry mulching services in Meadowlands, MN and surrounding areas. We'll use a heavy-duty mulcher to clear overgrown areas, and spreading equipment to make sure the mulch is distributed evenly. Our goal is to promote a healthier ecosystem for your property.

You can trust me to do the job right. Contact us today to schedule heavy-duty mulching services.

Check out these key benefits of forestry mulching

Whether you need me to clear vegetation on farmland, a hunting lease or your backyard, our crew can help. Timber Works forestry mulching services will result in:

  • Improved soil fertility and moisture retention
  • Reduced risk of wildfire
  • Preservation of desired flora
  • Reduced soil erosion and enhanced land stability
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