Prepare Your Land for New Construction

Count on us for land clearing services in Meadowlands, MN

If you need your land cleared so you can get started on a construction project, contact Timber Works. We provide land clearing services in Meadowlands, MN and surrounding areas. Our local family based company can clear lots up to 10 acres in size. When we're done, your land will be cleared of trees, shrubs and debris so you can get started on your project.

Reach out to us now to arrange for construction site preparation services.

Check out our land clearing process

We follow a practiced process for our land clearing services so we can get the job done quickly and efficiently. When you hire me, I will start by:

  • Evaluating the terrain and identifying obstacles
  • Clearing unwanted vegetation from the designated area
  • Grading the land to achieve the desired slope and contour
  • Disposing of materials responsibly
Get in touch with me today to schedule construction site preparation services. I'll be glad to give you an estimate.